About Me


You found my portfolio. Way to go. I think you’re a winner. If you’re not already sitting, take a seat and look around. If you’re on your mobile device of choice, well do what you’d normally do.

I’m an illustrator and designer in Little Rock, Arkansas with my wife, 6 year old twin boys, a 19 month old daughter, one dogs and two cats. (Speaking of animals, be sure to drop by my blog, Doodle Britches, which has little to do with animals, but is sweet nevertheless.) If you’re looking for web design, I don’t do much of it. I mean I have, and I can. But I’ll tell you, I’m just not that much into it. The web doesn’t smell like anything I want to remember. Print does, so I like to focus on that.

Lastly, consider a good laugh from my “friend” Terry Cloff, the design writer and internet wonder on Facebook and Twitter.


My CV is much like me. Confident but not overwhelming. Somewhat good looking but not tailored to please anyone in particular.


1998-1999 Art Center College of Design Pasadena, California
2000–2001 University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas


2003–2005 On Display Marketing Graphic Designer Bentonville, AR
2003–2007 Block, Street & Building, Inc. Co-owner/Designer, Arkansas/Kentucky
2006–2008 Western Kentucky University Art Technology Support Bowling Green, KY
2010–2013 Art Director, Arkansas Times

Exhibitions and Publications

1998 Bad Art, Art Works Gallery, Hanford, California
2003–2005 Art Amiss, Fayetteville, Arkansas (biannual art show and concert)
2005 Panda Meat Source Book 1, published by Last Gasp of San Francisco, Edited by Frank Kozik
2005 Graphic Noise: Contemporary Concert Posters, Atlanta International Museum of Art and Design, Atlanta, Georgia
2007 Small Works Exhibition, ddp gallery, Fayetteville, Arkansas
2008 Unusual Animals, 930 Art Center, Louisville, Kentucky
2011 Connections: The Fifteenth Year, Baum Gallery of Fine Art, UCA
2013 Visiting Artist in May 2013, Fayetteville Underground, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Teaching and Presentations

2007 Guest Lecturer, 1 Week of Layout Design, Burtigny, Switzerland
2007 Lecture – Artists in Their Community, Kentucky Remembers! – a project of the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, Bowling Green, Kentucky