Woods Afire

Album art for Woods Afire’s And Still There is No Sign released in 2004.

Car or Other Car?

In the spirit of the “Paper or Plastic” debate, the info graphic “Car or Other Car” was created for publication in late 2007.

(Be aware, that the basic layout and format was designed to clearly reference – or spoof, depending on who you are – a similar layout used by the Washington Post in their feature called “More Than Meets the Eye”.)

Two versions were created. This version is the unabridged version.

Kings of New England

Album art for Arkansas rock band Kings of New England’s debut album, On the Cusp.

Kings of New England isn’t around any more, but they had a lot of fun while they were here, and so did everybody else. I am very glad I was asked to create the album art for their only official release, as well as their website and several posters. If you ever come across their album, be sure to pick it up and crank up the volume on your first listen.

WKU Senior Art Exhibition 2008

This small catalog was a lot of fun to do. It measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ and so has the feeling of being a CD sleeve. Inside are example pieces from every art student graduating that semester, which made laying out the catalog a good challenge, as I wanted to be sure each piece’s unique qualities were represented adequately.

Once again, this is a project I was very fortunate to be able to complete while employed as the department’s first Art Technology Coordinator.

WKU Senior Art Exhibition 2007

This is one of numerous projects completed for the Art Department at Western Kentucky University.

I consider myself a very lucky designer to have been allowed, perhaps even encouraged, to depict a group of soft, naive young students as being willfully led through an industrial system, only to come out the other side as a boxes. Colorful boxes, yes. But boxes nonetheless.

Fayetteville Arts Festival 2006

Multi-phased promotional materials for 2006 Fayetteville Arts Festival in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Included poster, program, flyers, invitations, schedule, images for online content and more. Flower illustration by Greg Moore. Layout by Greg and myself.